The Institute of Medical Informatics, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

The Institute of Medical Informatics is primarily tasked with the research and development of systems to support diagnostics and treatment; in particular, this involves the application of natural sciences oriented methodology in the fields of medical image and signal processing, semantic interoperability, telemonitoring, virtual reality and multimedia. Recent projects have included the development of innovative software architectures for telemedicine platforms that monitor vital data and therapy compliance; the prospective registration of MRI images; magnetic resonance elastography; early diagnostics of ischemic cerebral infarcts; computer-based radiotherapy planning for eye tumors; intraoperative navigation; the linking of knowledge media; data privacy issues with respect to image data; and the improvement of pharmaceutical drug safety.

Current areas of research:

  • Linguistic processing of medical free texts

  • Development of image-based biomarkers

  • Development and testing of service platforms in the healthcare sector for connecting patients with their physicians.

Research at the Institute of Medical Informatics

Currently, the institute's involvement in projects goes beyond providing access to existing research data, and includes using data-driven approaches to expand research which was hitherto primarily theory- or model-based. The resultant research focus lies in the semantic processing of data as well as in developing techniques to automatically annotate data, text and images. Expertise gained in the fields of image processing, information extraction and knowledge management flows into this common focus. By linking available information from structured and unstructured data, knowledge can be generated automatically. Knowledge extraction finds application in the optimization of clinical core processes, in the improved sustainability of operational structures and in the support of strategic decision-making by hospital management.

Staff training and academics in the Institute of Medical Informatics

The Institute of Medical Informatics holds training courses for all employee groups at Charité. Through its affiliation with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Freie Universität Berlin, the institute is able to offer a minor in medicine for Computer Science majors.

The Institute of Medical Informatics, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin