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Patient Monitoring Roundtable 2023 No°6: User Experience Design

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For the sixth roundtable of this year, we had the pleasure of discussing a special topic close to our hearts in cooperation with denkwerk GmbH. The INALO project (Intelligent Alarm Optimization) pursues the ambitious goal of alarm prioritization in intensive care units with the help of artificial intelligence in order to minimize the currently prevailing flood of inconsequential alarms and the resulting alarm fatigue. Since denkwerk played a significant role in this project as the digital agency responsible, we were able to gain exciting first-hand insights into user experience design in alarm management.

After a short introduction of the participants, the competencies of the company and the definition of some terms around the topic of UX design, the project and the history of its development were presented. Here, the urgency and the great need for fast, practicable and sustainable solutions in this area once again became impressively clear. Did you know, for example, that the combined duration of all alarms during a shift corresponds to around 40 repetitions of the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" and that this number can be reduced to only 6 through intelligent alarm management?

Tackling such complex problems requires a methodical approach. It begins with a context analysis, whereby the problem is identified and a favorable pre/post intervention scenario is imagined from the user's perspective. Subsequently, concepts and solutions are developed, which are then tested and validated in a fourth step. Finally, an intuitively accessible and clearly hierarchized visual design is developed for the successful integration and application of innovations in everyday life.

The presentation concluded with a prototype demonstration. The group discussion encouraged the participants to intensively deal with what they had just learned and to question the need for innovation in their own everyday work.

As always, our special thanks go to all partners and participants and also to denkwerk GmbH. It was a very exciting evening that makes you want more, which is why we would like to take this opportunity to announce the next roundtable on November 9 at Charité BIH Innovation Digital Labs. We are looking forward to your numerous attendance!

The Patient Monitoring Roundtable is organized and conducted by INCH e.V. (Initiative for Innovation and Collaboration in Healthcare e.V.) in cooperation with the Institute for Medical Informatics at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.


PD Dr. med. Akira-Sebastian Poncette

Section Medical Data and Systems (IMI)Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Postal address:Charitéplatz 110117 Berlin

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