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Research at the Institute for Medical Informatics

The Institute for Medical Informatics sees itself as a dynamic and interdisciplinary link between clinic, research, industry and society.

It comprises experts from a wide variety of fields: Machine Learning, medical image processing, biomedical data management, data visualization and analysis, anesthesiology, emergency and intensive care medicine, psychology and human factors, digital transformation, medical device development, implementation in clinical workflows and user experience.

Our goal is to sustainably improve internal process and care quality as well as diagnostics and therapy and to make our knowledge accessible to society.

To achieve this, we want to

  • develop or expand sustainable, efficient and transparent data infrastructure structures
  • generate added value from available data in order to improve patient outcome
  • standardize research methods and implementation projects to generate consistently excellent results
  • use digital health data to improve quality in prevention, patient care and research
  • facilitate the work of physicians, nurses, researchers and support them in decision-making processes
  • provide researchers with more comprehensive data
  • develop new methods to improve diagnostics and therapy.

Currently, the institute consists of five working groups:

  • Patient Monitoring and Alarm Management
  • Outcome and Prediction
  • Digital Transformation and Applications
  • Image Analysis and Signal Processing
  • Clinical Decision Support Systems