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CODEX - COVID-19 Data Exchange Platform

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With Covid-19, rapid insight is a high priority. Between spring 2020 and spring 2021, which is probably the most critical time period for patient care, a large amount of research-relevant data, materials and findings will be generated in the care of patients with Covid-19 within the IT systems and electronic medical record systems of the university hospitals, which must be collected in as a standardized manner as possible and recorded in a timely manner, as well as centrally aggregated and analyzed.

Objective and approach

With the CODEX research data platform, the Network University Medicine (NUM) is establishing a secure, expandable and interoperable platform for the provision of research data on Covid-19 that connects university hospitals nationwide. The goal is to make structured data of high quality available to the scientific community and enable novel analyses. To this purpose, a database is being created from different data resources that is available as fast as possible and complies with the requirements of research ethics (so-called FAIR principles) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Innovations and perspectives

Structured data should be made available to researchers as easily as possible in high quality in order to support them in answering a wide variety of scientific questions, thereby achieving progress and providing benefits for society. A comprehensive, standardized database from a wide variety of sources, including data from patients and citizens (apps), is to be established as soon as possible, meeting all the requirements of research ethics and the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Project duration

Spring 2020 - Spring 2021