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Matrix in Vision COllabOrative Research Platform

The main objectives are: (1) Development of a collaboration platform for the CRC. (2) A comprehensive solution for managing research data of all relevant data types. (3) Secure methods for data integration and exchange. (4) Provision of computing and storage resources and standard image processing pipelines. (5) Provide ongoing research data management support to project partners.

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The project establishes a central information hub (Matrix-COOP) that supports the entire lifecycle of research data within the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 'Matrix in Vision' (SFB-1340). The tools provided will foster collaboration and knowledge sharing within the SFB, with external partners, and with the broader scientific community.

Innovations and perspectives

Matrix-COOP will leverage existing resources of Charité and the Berlin Institute of Health (high-performance computing facilities, image archiving and communication system for research, data archiving services), which will be complemented mainly by open source software. In addition, synergies with important related infrastructure projects such as the BMBF-funded Medical Informatics Initiative and the DFG-funded National Research Infrastructure for Personal Health Data will be exploited.

Project duration

2022-07 - 2026-06


Further information

Project funding: DFG

Project partners


Graphic Matrix-COOP