MACSS project

Service Platform for Physicians and Patients – All-round Medical Care Service Solutions (MACSS)

A new kind of prototype is being developed within MACSS (Medical All-round Care Service Solutions) for a patient-centered, smart health service platform. The collaboration involves research, business, health insurers, care providers, patient associations, and the pharmaceutical companies. Using the example of post care kidney transplant patients, we show how their safety can be improved through the integrated service platform. The aim is to facilitate the communication between patients and their attending physicians and increase drug safety.

MACSS is developing a mobile, bi-directional application that can be easily integrated in the clinical routines of both doctors and patients to transfer therapy and patient-specific data. A safety and authorization concept for the transfer of highly sensitive patient data has already been developed and approved. MACSS integrates patient data from different medical service providers and hospitals for various information services. Innovative technologies are used to aggregate, analyze, and re-combine this medical data for individual treatments in real time. Also, MACSS can be used to help reduce the costs of long term health care.

 MACSS is part of the "Smart Service World – Internet-Based Services for the Economy" technology program sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

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Research database

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