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Patient Monitoring and Alarm Management Research Group

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Our vision is a Charité in which patient care and safety inside and outside the hospital is augmented in a patient- and user-centered way through the use of innovative monitoring and alarming technologies, thereby improving patient outcomes and reducing the workload for staff.


Our focus is on a holistic approach and includes the following aspects: User-centered requirements analysis (qualitative research); descriptive data analysis (e.g., of patient monitoring alerts); machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence technologies to predict events (e.g., medical interventions following a monitoring alert); and implementation science (translation of results into routine clinical practice).

Selected publications

  • Poncette, A.-S., Wunderlich, M. M., Spies, C., Heeren, P., Vorderwülbecke, G., Salgado, E., Kastrup, M., Feufel, M. A., & Balzer, F. (2021). Patient Monitoring Alarms in an Intensive Care Unit: Observational Study With Do-It-Yourself Instructions. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 23(5), e26494.
  • Wunderlich MM, Amende-Wolf S, Poncette A, Krampe H, Kruppa J, Spies C, Balzer F (2021). Ein deutschsprachiger Fragebogen zur Messung der Alarmmüdigkeit bei Pflegekräften und Ärzt:innen auf Intensivstationen [Konferenzbeitrag]. 21. Kongress der Deutschen Interdisziplinären Vereinigung für Intensiv- und Notfallmedizin e.V., Hamburg, Deutschland.
  • Chromik J, Klopfenstein SAI, Pfitzner B, Sinno ZC, Arnrich B, Balzer F, Poncette AS. Computational Approaches to Alleviate Alarm Fatigue, IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering (RBME) [Manuscript submitted]
  • Poncette, A.-S., Mosch, L., Spies, C., Schmieding, M., Schiefenhövel, F., Krampe, H., & Balzer, F. (2020). Improvements in Patient Monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit: Survey Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22(6), e19091.
  • Poncette, A.-S., Spies, C., Mosch, L., Schieler, M., Weber-Carstens, S., Krampe, H., & Balzer, F. (2019). Clinical Requirements of Future Patient Monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit: Qualitative Study. JMIR Medical Informatics, 7(2), e13064.


Lina Mosch

Physician in residency as anesthesiologist

Dr. med. Akira-Sebastian Poncette

Section Medical Data and Systems

Team (alphabetical)

Louis Agha-Mir-Salim, MBBS

Resident physician in medical informatics

Sandro Amende-Wolf

Physician and Nurse

Amin Chaoui

Medical Student

Anne Rike Flint, M. Sc.

Medical Informatics Specialist

Sophie Klopfenstein

Resident physician in medical informatics

Merve Sarica

Medical Student

Jasper Wagnitz

Medical Student