The Berlin Health Research Platform (Berliner Forschungsplattform, BFG)

The aim of the consortium project ‘Berlin Health Research Platform’ is to provide science and industry stakeholders with innovative information technology as well as linguistic and methodological tools for the design, planning, and implementation of research projects, clinical studies, and quality management.

The overall objective of the project Berlin Health Research Platform is the development of methods and IT solutions which support clinical research. In particular, existing data from the clinical routine  will be efficiently processed and made available to the research-oriented clinical departments. The project focuses on establishing platform systems in hospitals in order to support their clinical research. The utilisation of structured data will be extended by the semantic indexing and processing of clinical free text. The protection of patient-related data has top priority, of course; it has been a crucial field of work right from the beginning of the project.

Research database

For more details please use the Charité undefinedresearch database.